Sunday, 8 January 2012

Full moon in India

Okay, indulge me. It's a full moon in India!
It's warmer tonight. Soft, perfect temperature all day. Now we have no power, but we have a full moon and our Internet connection. Not sure how that works. Today was a good writing day. It was so quiet here; even the birds seemed subdued.

Birgitta and I both picked up some chunks of rock to use as footstools under our desks. But I spent most of the day outside writing on a yellow newsprint pad (my favourite that I brought from home). I kept noticing how soft the air was, how comfortable, and then how beautiful the light becomes in the afternoon. I think the orange earth contributes to that tone of light.

It's strange, but at home I was working on the India section of my novel and now here I'm working on the Manitoba section. That seems to fit the way I do research. Maybe I just need to imagine the setting first. Nabina and I were talking about that today. I prefer to write first and research later as I revise or as I need to know something particular. But I also do a lot of preliminary reading in a broad way.

The power had come back on but now it's out again and I can hear many dogs barking and howling in the distance so it's kind of haunting. Some of them sound like coyotes but apparently there are no coyotes here and no Indian equivalent (except maybe wild dogs). Back on again!


  1. I'm loving this account of your journey, Francie!

  2. Brenda, I keep thinking of you. You would love the birds here. I'm going to try and record some of them and maybe get a few photos if I can. Early morning is the best time. I saw green parrot-like birds this a.m.

  3. Nice! I would love it, for sure. A recording would be cool.